What's In My Carry On ✈️🎒 travel tips + essentials

What's In My Carry On ✈️🎒 travel tips + essentials

Here is everything in my carry on bag for a long haul flight as I’m off to work at camp in America! I hope these travel tips can help you, this is pretty much all of my essential travel items and just a few extras. Let me know what things I might have missed or any travel hacks you have for international flights. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more travel content!

What’s In My Suitcase video: https://youtu.be/AiN_tyZFkBQ

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Rose Quartz – Manifests love and connection. It’s easy to feel alone or out of your element while traveling, as well as disconnected from yourself. Rose quartz helps remind me that love is everywhere, in every single being, and brings that about in my own energy. Carrying this can serve as a tangible reminder that you are always loved, unconditionally, and that you can always choose to act with unconditional love towards others too, strangers on the street, your new friends. Love is always there. I always manifest the best with this stone, and it has brought me so much abundant love.

Malachite – Fantastic for travel, as it serves as a guardian stone. Malachite is a great choice if you suffer from jet lag or fear of flying, you can hold it in your hands and feel grounded, your nerves calmed. Be sure to clear it often as Malachite will absorb a lot of energy.

Citrine – Manifesting + abundance. These are usually kept in the wallet as they can be used to bring abound financial abundance, but I use it relating to abundance in health, friends, love, good food, fun, positive experiences and memories.

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