MY PARENTS VISITED FROM CANADA | Family Travel Around Australia (Pt 1: Melbourne to Sydney)

MY PARENTS VISITED FROM CANADA | Family Travel Around Australia (Pt 1: Melbourne to Sydney)

Being away from my family has been one of the hardest things about my student exchange so far. I’ve been studying abroad in Melbourne for 5 months, and my parents flew around the world to visit me on my university break for a family trip around Australia.


My first semester at Deakin University in Melbourne is done, so during the break my parents decided to take a summer break of their own and visit Australia to travel around the country. On the night that they arrived I was so excited that I actually checked into their hotel room early for them so that I could meet them as soon as they left the airport.

After a night in Melbourne, my family and I went to the airport to catch a flight to our first stop in Sydney. I’ve been flying a lot recently and was pretty exhausted from all the time in transit, so luckily the flight into Sydney was quick and easy.

Since it was so beautiful outside, the first thing we did on our Sydney vacation was visit the harbour. I’ve already visited in a past travel vlog, but to explore the harbourfront with my parents on such a beautiful day was really great.

I was pleasantly surprised when we got to our apartment. Given the backpacker hostels that I had been staying at in during my past trips in Queensland and Tasmania, the more upscale travel accommodation was a very welcomed change. Before heading out again we asked the reception for good spots in the area and were directed to a local Thai restaurant.

The Thai laksa noodles that I had were some of the most savoury and delicious noodles that I’ve eaten in my entire life. Everyone who visits Sydney needs to try this Thai restaurant. I don’t remember the name but it’s at the north-west corner of Valentine and George Streets in Haymarket and had halal signs up front. Don’t take my word for it – try for yourself.

After lunch my parents and I went to see the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. We discovered a great view of the Sydney skyline from the rooftop cafe at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. In my opinion, that view made visiting the Habour Bridge and Opera House again totally worth it.

Seeing Sydney with my parents was such a cool time. Having visited before I still had a fantastic day and loved spending quality family time with my parents after a long time studying abroad without any loved ones.

One must-do Sydney attraction that I hadn’t done was visit the Sydney Fish Market, so before leaving my parents and I used our last day to check it out. The first food that I tried was Tasmania salmon, and honestly it was absolutely delicious.

The seafood and sushi displays were mouth-watering. Seeing live king crab was very cool for someone who doesn’t normally get to eat fresh seafood. After taking a full tour around the Sydney Fish Market my parents and I had decided on a meal.

We ordered fried lobster tail and it was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t even hungry and still wanted seconds after I was done. If this trip taught me anything, it’s that Sydney is a diverse city full of amazing food (especially seafood).

My mom had to leave back to Canada after only a week in Australia since Canada Day was coming up. We had a bit of a moment at the airport and it really was sad to see her go so soon, considering how long it had been since I had seen her last and how far she had travelled just for me.

Once my mom’s flight had taken off, my dad and I got on a plane to leave Sydney and head to Gold Coast for a relaxing father son vacation (more on that in next Tuesday’s video).

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