Komodo, Padar & Flores Vlog +Travel Tips- INDONESIA Pt 1

Komodo, Padar & Flores Vlog +Travel Tips- INDONESIA Pt 1

For tips on visiting Flores skip to 10:26

I flew into the town of Labuan Bajo (western tip of the island of Flores) to fulfill my childhood dream of seeing wild Komodo Dragons. I didn’t know what else to expect, and had my mind blown. Starting from the bike ride to my hostel, to the majestic view from my room window, all the way up to one of the most scenic hikes of my life so far in Pulau Padar, I was discovering the beauty of Indonesia as I signed up for each step of my trip. It’s always cool to find a beautiful place and visit there with a plan. It felt even cooler to discover the beauties of this paradise without knowing what to expect. I tried to sum up my experiences from the 4 days of Island life in this video. Thank you for watching! Please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more videos if you like my content. For any questions and extra tips, leave a comment and I will make sure I get back to you! Part 2 is coming very soon! 😊

Labuan Bajo Harbor https://goo.gl/maps/Mk6rddQHZFu
Ciao Hostel https://goo.gl/maps/cMTZufeSxHw
Pulau Padar https://goo.gl/maps/ejXoVQA6BJQ2
Manta Point https://goo.gl/maps/Em4HGYJBEXk
Komodo Island https://goo.gl/maps/k3cFGVb2MTB2
Flores https://goo.gl/maps/MZqrwZS29iL2

Filming gear:
Gopro Hero5 Black + Removu Gimbal
Samsung Galaxy S7
Canon 80D (outro only), 17-50 mm Sigma f/2.8 lens

Kungs – Don’t You Know ft. Jamie N Commons

Tips for visiting Komodo/flores:
1) Be wary of Air Asia flights and their frequent delays. Garuda flights are twice as expensive but a bit more reliable on their schedule from my experience
2) Do go scuba-diving if you can from Labuan Bajo. I didn’t go but everyone I knew that did loved it
3) Stay at Ciao Hostel if you can. It’s pricier than all other hostels in Indonesia that I stayed at, but $15/night was worth it for the expereince and there were no hidden costs
4) Bike rides around town cost around 20,000 Indonesian rupees at most (less if you bargain). Jump on them.
5) If you want to go an extended 2/3 day trip to the islands, you may want to book for extra online and pay some extra fees (if you can afford that of course)

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