Is Hookup Culture Unhealthy?

Is Hookup Culture Unhealthy?

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0:55 – what is hookup culture?
2:20 – some (assumed) pros and cons of casual SAX (will I be demonetized just for typing out that word correctly?? I’m not taking chances lol)
3:02 – is hookup culture part of sAxual liberation of women? is that a good thing?
3:56 – the definition of sex positivity, from Hannah Witton
5:12 – if you don’t participate in hookup culture, are you a prude? should young people be focused on being single and “free” rather than getting “tied down” in relationships?
7:50 – sponsored moment, brought to you by Function of Beauty!
9:01 – what motivates people to participate in hookup culture? why the fear of catching feelings?
10:31 – media portrayals of hookup culture. are we the first generations to hookup so casually? what about “free love” in the 1960s?
12:37 – does anyone even date anymore?? + in next video I will explore dating apps
13:55 – hookup culture within the LGBTQ+ community
15:33 – what about asexuals? what is it like to be surrounded by such a highly sexual culture?
16:10 – the importance of COMMUNICATION. define your expectations, even if you just want a casual fling
18:21 – SO, is hookup culture unhealthy?
20:02 – hookup culture creates unhealthy expectations for everyone. watch the documentary “Liberated – The New Sexual Revolution” on netflix! toxic masculinity… men often have to prove their manliness through sex. rather than rebelling against the patriarchy, is hookup culture actually reinforcing the patriarchy??? IDK!!!
22:40 – hookup culture may make it difficult to learn / practice how to have a healthy relationship

Hannah Witton, Why I’m Sex Positive –
(this is also really good) Why I’m NOT Sex Positive | Hannah Witton –
Hookup Culture – Moira Rajpal – UnErase Poetry –

The War Against Female Body Hair –
Feminism and “Girl Power” in Advertising –

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