How To Travel The World On A Budget

How To Travel The World On A Budget

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Tired of living a life that is mediocre? Why not travel the world?

Leap is your world travel planner, no matter if your goal is to go on a luxury trip or a backpacker adventure. Based on your travel preferences and gear requirements, Leap estimates the money you need in your trail wallet. And then:

Leap tells you when and for how long you can travel!

Based on your finances, Leap simulates your future incomes and expenses for the time you are saving for your trip and while being on the road. Get to know for how many years your holidays can last before running into an empty trail wallet. Not content with the result? Leap’s finance planner assists you in adjusting your finances so that you can travel sooner and longer, even become a nomad.

Use Backpacker Travel Planner & Packing List – Leap for your next:
★ backpacker & nomad adventures
★ budget trips
★ luxury retreats
of any duration:
★ perpetual traveling
★ gap years
★ sabbatical leaves
anywhere in the world!

Create the itinerary of your dream trip
Choose from over 100 top world travel destinations.

Budget your world travel expenses
Budget your expenses for each destination based on your individual traveling lifestyle. From premium hotels in Italy over mid-range restaurants in Ireland to public transport costs in Iceland, Leap knows what amounts to consider in your travel budget. Add individual expenses to personalize your trip experience.

Create and manage your world travel gear packing list
Backpacking requires more than a backpack. We regularly collect and update sales prices of more than 200 of the most common gear items we find in the bags of our fellow travelers so that you can consider them in your packing list. Personalize your packing list by adding own items or adjusting prices according to your wishlist. You can also use Leap as a tracker for your to-be-purchased gear items. This way, you can make sure to not forget any gear item for your next adventure.

Finance your trip
Enter your incomes and expenses to get to know when and for how long you can travel with your money. Don’t worry, we keep this information stored locally on your device and don’t use it for any other purpose. In case you are not sure about the specific amounts you can use Leap as an expense tracker to get a good estimate of your travel budget.

Travel sooner and longer with Leap
After you found out about the possible start and duration of your trip calculated from your finances, Leap is the perfect assistant to improve these results by adjusting your incomes and expenses. Regularly update your savings while preparing for your adventure to increase the accuracy of Leap’s simulation results. Use Leap world travel planner as a preparation progress tracker to make anticipation the happiest part of your journey!

And much more!
❖ Leap can be used on top of Mount Everest: no internet connection required for core features
❖ Made for multiple travelers: taking into consideration group expenses and incomes in your travel budget
❖ Get tips and tricks from fellow travelers: find selected travel blogs from travelers around the world

Top 5 reasons to use Backpacker Travel Planner & Packing List – Leap
✓ You love to travel
✓ You want to become a backpacker, flashpacker or digital nomad but have little or no experience
✓ You believe lifetime travel is a privilege limited to with a lot of money (let Leap prove you wrong!)
✓ You are bored with your current life and want to know for how long you could go on a backpacking & nomad adventure with your savings
✓ The only thing which has stopped you from traveling the world was the fear of ending up with an empty trail wallet

Backpacker Travel Planner & Packing List – Leap is the app of choice for flashpackers, (perpetual) travelers and wanderers. Download to live the life of a backpacker, digital nomad or a global vagabond.

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