Guide to Flying with a Dog on Delta, United and American Airlines

Guide to Flying with a Dog on Delta, United and American Airlines

An emotional support dog in your life helps manage your condition. With love and compassion, these tail-waggers prove to be therapeutic in nature.

So, why not fly with it?

Yes, flying with a dog in-cabin is possible. But how to fly with a dog?

With an emotional support animal letter. Yes, that is all.

Let’s look at some major airlines and their requirements when flying with a dog.

Flying with a dog in Delta Airlines:

Passengers traveling with Delta Airlines are encouraged to submit all required documentation at least 48 hours prior to the flight.

The emotional support dog is allowed to stay on the floor beside a patient’s seat or can be seated on their lap. Besides, if you are flying with a large dog then make sure the size of your emotional support dog must also not exceed the “footprint” of passenger’s seat. Also, each passenger is limited to just one ESA.

From February 2019, ESAs will not be accepted in flights that have a duration of more than 8 hours irrespective of the date on which the flight was booked.

2. Flying with a dog in American Airlines:

The seating guidelines for flying with a dog are somewhat similar to that of Delta.

You will be required to submit the following documents-

An ESA letter
‘Animal sanitation form’ which is only required if the flight is for more than 8 hours
A signed copy of its behavior guidelines

Besides these, you need to submit your pets veterinary health records as well. The airlines need to validate all your documentation 48 hours before your scheduled flight. If failed to do so, your ESA might have to travel in a kennel with applicable extra charges.

3. Flying with a dog in United Airlines:
According to the Department of Transportation Rules, Part 382, any qualified individual with a disability who wishes to fly with United Airlines will be required to submit the following documentation when flying with United-

ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional
Passenger Confirmation of Liability and Emotional Support Animal Behavior
Veterinary Health Form verified by a licensed veterinarian.

These forms must be submitted 48 hours before your flight.

To learn more about flying with your dog:

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